Dignity-Voice- Sexuality


Ondede is a working class, Convergence Human Rights Organization  that advocates for the Dignity-Voice-Sexuality of Gender Non-Conforming, Transgender and Sexual Minorities across Karnataka.

Ondede was founded on November 20th 2014 in Bangalore. the concept arose from the group discussion on the need for convergence across three movements in the country-children’s rights, women’s rights and sexual minority rights; and crystallized into a registered trust on August 14th, 2015.


By placing violence at the centre, Ondede addresses the overlapping structures of the family and society that shapes the lives of working-class sexual minorities, transgender and gender non-conforming people; Partner violence, family violence, violence at the hands of the state, homophobic and transphobic violence and violence along lines of caste, class and community.

Ondede is managed wholly by sexual minority and transgender activists.